Okay, here are the Features….


Customizable Styling

Modify just about every part of how the content locker looks, colours, borders, font sizes etc there are no limits to your locker design. Change the images, add your logo to the locker, use buttons instead of text on links, we have really tried to make the design as flexible as possible.

Auto Unlock

Simply create a new locker, and copy and paste the conversion pixel or postback URL into the offers (99% of CPA networks support this). When the pixel is triggered the locker will unlock automatically. You can even place the html image conversion pixel on any of your own landing pages, forms, sign ups, facebook pages etc

Unlock Conditions

Set how many offers must be completed before the content locker will unlock. Greatly increase your earnings from each visitor through this feature.

Display Delays

You can also set how long it will take before the locker displays and also how long after they have completed the condition to unlock before the same locker will appear again.

Mobile Friendly

WP Locked is 100% mobile browser friendly meaning it works on visitors using iPads, Mobiles etc. This will ensure that you’re not missing out on any commissions by the locker not displaying.

Referrer Blank

Don’t want program managers to know your traffic sources or how you’re sending conversions. This feature will blank the source url in reporting and therefore what site or source your locker is located.

Link Cloaking

Automatically¬†clock your affiliate links with the click of a checkbox. Therefore internet savvy visitors won’t be aware that you’re earning commissions.

Custom Lockers

Create an unlimited amount of lockers and assign them to different pages and posts. This allows you to target visitors with offers that are related to the unlock-able therefore content increasing conversions.

Locker Management

Manage what lockers you have active, on what pages and what offers you have on them from one central interface. Edit lockers easily with new offers, or maybe even split test different variations.

Easy to Use

Just like any WordPress plugin, setup is easy but so is setting up each content locker. Everything is self explanatory and if need be support documentation is available on our website.

Geo Targeting & IP Block

Powerful Geographical Targeting down to country location. Lock just certain countries or all. This is important for ensuring that the right offers are being displayed to the correct traffic.

No Effect on SEO

Don’t worry lockers are not visible to search engine bots crawling your content. Therefore it will be business as usual for them and they will not consider your locker to have any effect on any on page SEO.

At the end of day, this will be the best investment in a WordPress Plugin you can make. How many plugins can make you money.



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